"Pacific Logistic" LLC specializes in handling inbound container traffic from the main ports of Korea, Japan and China. Marine services are provided by Sinokor and Maersk lines.

The General Client of the Company is manufacturing site Sollers Vladivostok. Pacific Logistic terminal provides the 24/7 production of cars .

Pacific Logistic terminal provides smooth loading of containers onto railway platforms and unloading of cargo out of railway wagons using private railways with access to the Trans-Siberian Railway.


Container terminal

CBU yard

Railway & Auto transportation

Complex planning of maritime traffic.

Integrated schedule of ship calls, shipments and production.

Continuous container turnover.

Cargo handling.

Container shipping.

Customs clearance.


Visual inspection of cargo for any damage.

Storaging of cars.

Integrated transportation of containers and vehicles.

Operative management of railway wagons.

Delivery to final destination.

Insurance and protection of cargo.